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Title: Factor-augmented smoothing model for raw functional data Authors:  Yanrong Yang - The Australian National University (Australia) [presenting]
Abstract: The proposal is to model functional data as a mixture of a smooth function and a high dimensional factor component. The conventional approach to retrieving the smooth function from the raw data is through various smoothing techniques. However, the smoothing model is not adequate to recover the smooth curve or capture the data variation in some situations. These include cases where there is a large amount of measurement error, the smoothing basis functions are incorrectly identified, or the step jumps in the functional mean levels are neglected. To address these challenges, a factor-augmented smoothing model is proposed, and an iterative numerical estimation approach is implemented in practice. Asymptotic theorems are also established to demonstrate the effects of including factor struc- tures on the smoothing results. Specifically, we show that the smoothing coefficients projected on the complement space of the factor loading matrix are asymptotic normal. As a byproduct of independent interest, an estimator for the population covariance matrix of the raw data is presented based on the proposed model. Extensive simulation studies illustrate that these factor adjustments are essential in improving estimation accuracy and avoiding the curse of dimensionality. The superiority of our model is also shown using Canadian weather data and Australian temperature data.