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Title: BrExit or BritaIn: Is the UK more attractive to supervisors? An analysis of wage premium to supervision across the EU Authors:  Antonio Giangreco - University of Lille (France)
Leone Leonida - King's College London (United Kingdom) [presenting]
Sergio Scicchitano - INAPP (Italy)
Marco Biagetti - INAPP (Italy)
Abstract: The wage premium to supervision (WPS) is defined as the extra wage that supervisors earn relative to their subordinates, and estimate it at different quantiles of wage distribution for 26 European economies, comparatively focusing on the UK. We find that, by compensating supervisory positions according to the wage, the WPS increases inequality in most of the economies. Further, over 10\% of the WPS depends on the context. Our results support the hypothesis that, in regard to the WPS, the UK is more rewarding than the other economies. We discuss implications for immigration and policymakers in relation to the post-Brexit process.