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Title: High-dimensional model-assisted inference for local average treatment effects with instrumental variables Authors:  BaoLuo Sun - National University of Singapore (Singapore) [presenting]
Zhiqiang Tan - Rutgers University (United States)
Abstract: Consider the problem of estimating the local average treatment effect with an instrument variable, where the instrument unconfoundedness holds after adjusting for a set of measured covariates. Several unknown functions of the covariates need to be estimated through regression models, such as instrument propensity score and treatment and outcome regression models. We develop a computationally tractable method in high-dimensional settings where the numbers of regression terms are close to or larger than the sample size. Our method exploits regularized calibrated estimation, which involves Lasso penalties but carefully chosen loss functions for estimating coefficient vectors in these regression models, and then employs a doubly robust estimator for the treatment parameter through augmented inverse probability weighting. We provide rigorous theoretical analysis to show that the resulting Wald confidence intervals are valid for the treatment parameter under suitable sparsity conditions if the instrument propensity score model is correctly specified. Still, the treatment and outcome regression models may be misspecified. For existing high-dimensional methods, valid confidence intervals are obtained for the treatment parameter if all three models are correctly specified. The proposed methods are evaluated through simulation studies and an empirical application to estimate the returns to education.