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Title: Mentorship and prizewinning in scientific careers Authors:  Yifang Ma - Southern University of Science and Technology (China) [presenting]
Abstract: Recent work in computational social science and data science will be reported. Mentorship is arguably a scientist's most significant collaborative relationship, and scientific prizes confer credibility to persons and ideas, provide financial incentives and promote community-building celebrations, which are important to a scientific career. Using new large-scale data from the genealogical and performance records of 10s of thousands of scientists and 3K scientific prizes worldwide, we focus on understanding how the knowledge linkages among prizes and scientists propensities for prizewinning and the link between mentorship and protege success. It is shown that not only the scientists' merit of success increase the probability of prizewinning but also the collaboration network and the genealogical network among scientists play important roles in prizewinning. We also found that mentorship is associated with diverse forms of protege success, significantly increasing proteges' chances of producing celebrated research, being inducted into the National Academy of Science, and achieving superstardom. This can help us to understand the role of mentorship and prizewinning, with strong implications in science development.