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Title: Vine copula mixture models and clustering for non-Gaussian data Authors:  Ozge Sahin - Technical University of Munich (Germany) [presenting]
Claudia Czado - Technische Universitaet Muenchen (Germany)
Abstract: The majority of finite mixture models suffer from not allowing asymmetric tail dependencies within components and not capturing non-elliptical clusters in clustering applications. Since vine copulas are very flexible in capturing these types of dependencies, we propose a novel vine copula mixture model for continuous data. We discuss the model selection and parameter estimation problems and further formulate a new model-based clustering algorithm. The use of vine copulas in clustering allows for a range of shapes and dependency structures for the clusters. The simulation experiments illustrate a significant gain in clustering accuracy when notably asymmetric tail dependencies or/and non-Gaussian margins within the components exist. The analysis of real data sets accompanies the proposed method. We show that the model-based clustering algorithm with vine copula mixture models outperforms the other model-based clustering techniques, especially for the non-Gaussian multivariate data.