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Title: Statistical modelling of mechanical skin behaviour Authors:  Maria Filomena Teodoro - CINAV - Portuguese Naval Academy (Portugal) [presenting]
Teresa Oliveira - Universidade Aberta (Portugal)
Abstract: Several studies have been carried out on the gender difference, in the most different variables. Between men and women, there are biological and physiological differences, which are revealed at the behavioural and emotional level. The skin and adjacent soft tissues of each individual assume a mechanical behaviour when subjected to external forces. Exploring the distinct behaviour of male and female, the aim is to investigate the differences between genders concerning the perception of pain and soft tissue deformation, complementing, with the evaluation of BMI and fat fold. Male and female individuals were tested in several anatomical regions. An evaluation of the psychological behaviour and physical condition of individuals was performed through questionnaires, before and after the application of the indentation test. All individuals were subject of several measurements and the indentation test (Strengths, Deformations and absorbed Energy). We describe the results obtained by analysis of variance approach. Possible associations between the different measured variables were investigated. It was concluded that there are significant differences between genders, both in the measured variables and in the variables related to the indentation test. Given these differences, the variable maximum strength stands out, which presents a significant difference between the maximum value for each gender.