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Title: On the theoretical properties of the network jackknife Authors:  Purnamrita Sarkar - U. T. Austin (United States) [presenting]
Abstract: The properties of a leave-node-out jackknife procedure for network data are studied. Under the sparse graphon model, we prove an Efron-Stein-type inequality, showing that the network jackknife leads to conservative estimates of the variance (in expectation) for any network functional that is invariant to node permutation. For a general class of count functionals, we also establish consistency of the network jackknife. We complement our theoretical analysis with a range of simulated and real-data examples and show that the network jackknife offers competitive performance in cases where other resampling methods are known to be valid. In fact, for several network statistics, we see that the jackknife provides more accurate inferences compared to related methods such as subsampling.