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Title: Relative complexity assessment in multifractal systems: Application to spatio-temporal seismic dynamics Authors:  Francisco Javier Esquivel - University of Granada (Spain) [presenting]
Francisco Javier Alonso - University of Granada (Spain)
Jose Miguel Angulo - University of Granada (Spain)
Abstract: The structural complexity of phenomena with multifractal dynamics and possible disequilibrium states has been studied, in particular, using information-theoretic approaches. A direct relationship is established between the scaling behaviour of Renyi-entropy-based generalized product complexity measures and the increments of generalized Renyi dimensions. Beyond their marginal assessment, the degree of local coherence between interacting magnitudes in a system can inform about eventual structural changes in their joint spatio-temporal dynamics. From a divergence-based formulation of generalized relative Renyi dimensions, an analogous limiting relation with Renyi-divergence-based generalized product relative complexity measures is proved. In both cases, a significant interpretation is given in terms of sensitivity of marginal and relative diversity indices with respect to the deformation parameter. A spatio-temporal analysis of seismic data is performed using these measures, focusing on the detection of structural changes in the association between the frequency of events and the accumulated released energy distributions.