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Title: Analysing the Lombardy regions geriatric wards Authors:  Hannah Mitchell - Queens University Belfast (United Kingdom)
Adele Marshall - Queens University Belfast (United Kingdom)
Mariangela Zenga - University of Milano-Bicocca (Italy)
Hannah Mitchell - Queen's University Belfast (United Kingdom) [presenting]
Abstract: Modelling patient flow within a healthcare setting is seen as an important aspect of understanding the activity of the system. Healthcare managers are under increased pressure, particularly during these uncertain times, to maintain a high quality of care within already strained healthcare systems. Previous research into the Coxian phase-type distribution has demonstrated its effectiveness in modelling patient flow through the hospital system. By joining the Coxian phase-type distribution with the continuous-time hidden Markov model (Coxian-CTHMM) enables different inherent pathways to be identified, which in turn provides healthcare managers with a deeper understanding of the healthcare system. The Coxian phase-type distribution and the Coxian-CTHMM will be applied to administrative data for the Lombardy regions geriatric wards in 2015.