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Title: Cultural and creative industries in peripheral areas: A study of the Euregion Maas Rhein area Authors:  Anouk Duivenvoorden - Maastricht University (Netherlands) [presenting]
Marina Gertsberg - University of Maastricht (Netherlands)
Rachel Pownall - Maastricht University (Netherlands)
Abstract: Policy on creative industries is increasingly important as an urban development tool. Current studies are primarily focused on the analysis of the cultural and creative industries (CCIs) in large urban regions; knowledge on the effects of CCIs in peripheral areas is still limited. We study the development of the CCI, and in particular the fashion industry in the Euregion Maas Rhine, which encompasses the cross-border region of Maastricht in the South of The Netherlands, Aachen in West-Germany, and Liege in Belgium. Our aim is to evaluate the potential of a change in local recent municipality policy on developing the regional fashion industry in the city of Maastricht. This policy emphasises the importance of local and sustainable production and the intention is to generate growth in employment in the fashion industry of approximately 70\% within the next five years. We map the current state of CCIs in the Euregion Maas Rhine for comparison and to measure the potential spillover effects between regions. Other studies show that the city of Maastricht has a high level of sole proprietorships, in general. How this relates to the CCIs is of particular interest. We find structural differences in the developments paths and the statusquo between regions in terms of start-up activity, specifically with respect to sole proprietorships, and employment data.