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Title: Analysis of the covariance structure from the point of view of design in time-depending multiresponse models Authors:  Juan M Rodriguez-Diaz - University of Salamanca, CIF Q3718001E (Spain) [presenting]
Abstract: The study of several characteristics of a population that depend on time will be analyzed from the point of view of design, assuming different covariance structures. The objective is to decide the most convenient moments where observation should be made in order to obtain the maximum information with limited resources (budget, time, etc.) The covariance structures will be analyzed from lowest to highest complexity, studying their influence in both the design and the estimation of the parameters of the corresponding model. Using an optimal design of experiments approach, a general method for the selection of the best temporal points will be developed. Different evolution models will be studied. Very different examples of application will be shown, from the study of two variables related to the capacity of resolution of mathematical problems, to the evolution of characteristics observed in several types of bacteria.