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Title: Estimating an extreme Bayesian network via scalings Authors:  Mario Krali - EPFL (Switzerland) [presenting]
Claudia Klueppelberg - Technische Universitaet Muenchen (Germany)
Abstract: A recursive max-linear vector models causal dependence between its components by expressing each node variable as a max-linear function of its parental nodes in a directed acyclic graph and some exogenous innovation. Motivated by extreme value theory, innovations are assumed to have regularly varying distribution tails. We propose a scaling technique in order to determine a causal order of the node variables. All dependence parameters are then estimated from the estimated scalings. Furthermore, we prove asymptotic normality of the estimated scalings and dependence parameters based on the asymptotic normality of the empirical spectral measure. Finally, we apply our structure learning and estimation algorithm to financial data and food dietary interview data.