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Title: Causal inference for nonlinear outcome models with possibly invalid instrumental variables Authors:  Sai Li - Renmin University of China (China) [presenting]
Zijian Guo - Rutgers University (United States)
Abstract: Instrumental variable methods are widely used for inferring the causal effect of an exposure on an outcome when the observed relationship is potentially affected by unmeasured confounders. Existing instrumental variable methods for nonlinear outcome models require stringent identifiability conditions. We develop a robust causal inference framework for nonlinear outcome models, which relaxes the conventional identifiability conditions. We adopt a flexible semi-parametric potential outcome model and propose new identifiability conditions for identifying the model parameters and causal effects. We devise a novel three-step inference procedure for the conditional average treatment effect and establish the asymptotic normality of the proposed point estimator. We construct confidence intervals for the causal effect by the bootstrap method. The proposed method is demonstrated in a large set of simulation studies and is applied to study the causal effects of lipid levels on whether the glucose level is normal or high over a mice dataset.