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Title: How highway expansion affect land use changes Authors:  Jean Dube - Université Laval (Canada) [presenting]
Cedric Brunelle - INRS-UCS (Canada)
Maroua Aikous - HEC (Canada)
Abstract: The expansion of transport infrastructure has important consequences for the spatial distribution and development of economic and residential activities. While much has been written on how such new infrastructure influences real estate prices, not much empirical investigation has been made about how it can influence the emergence of economic and commercial activities land use changes are scarcer. Using a highway extension project in the Montreal Metropolitan area quasi-natural experiment, it is investigated how the expansion of a highway influences the crowding-out effect land use changes and businesses' location and the relocation related to the crowding-out effect within a relatively undeveloped suburb fringe for economic activities with intensive land consumption. To do so, a panel dataset of individual land parcels (or lots (or parcels) between 1995 and 2018 2019 is developed, while changes in land use are investigated according to key moments related to the construction and expansion of Highway 30 on Montreal's South Shore (Canada), which fully opened in 2012. Defining the treatment areas using the highway access ramp area, the analysis shows that the construction of new highway infrastructure may influence local economic activities land use changes over time by facilitating a crowding-out effect for activities that are important land consumers.