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Title: Tests of unit root hypothesis with heavy-tailed heteroscedastic noises Authors:  Rui She - The Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (China) [presenting]
Abstract: The unit-root testing with unspecified and heavy-tailed heteroscedastic noises is studied. A new weighted least squares estimation (WLSE) is designed to be used in the Dickey-Fuller (DF) test, of which the asymptotic normality is verified. However, the performance of the DF test strongly relies on the estimation accuracy of the asymptotic variance, which is not stable for dependent time series. To overcome this issue, we develop two novel unit-root tests by applying the empirical likelihood technique to the WLSE score equations. It is shown that both of the empirical likelihood-based tests converge weakly to a chi-squared distribution with one degree of freedom. Furthermore, the limiting theory is extended to the weighted M-estimation score equation. In contrast to existing unit-root tests for heavy-tailed time series, the empirical likelihood tests do not involve any estimators of the unknown parameters or any restrictions on the tail index of noise, which is of more practical appealing, and thus can be widely used in finance and econometrics. Extensive simulation studies are conducted to examine the effectiveness of the proposed methods.